About Us

FMO Tapiola

LignaTerra was founded with a common desire to:
  • Develop resilient structures
  • Promote higher-efficiencies in construction
  • Introduce new markets to the world of building with a renewable natural resource – WOOD.
  • Promote change and adaptation to industry standards
  • Embark upon full-scale CLT manufacturing domestically
  • Provide full-service scope of offerings for wood buildings
Meet the Principals
Ralf Meier, Founding Partner
  • Ralf Head Shot v2Corporate liaison between USA and European product affiliations. Constant effort towards implementing CLT to a global marketplace.
  • Native of Germany, has three decades experience in the wood industry including logistics and building world-wide.
  • Strives to implement green, proven and accessible European technologies across the Globe – guiding our planet in a positive environmental direction through education and knowledgeable practices.
Nick Holgorsen, Founding Partner
  • NickInstrumental in new business development for commercial and residential resorts and entities.
  • Two decades experience in real estate development with an emphasis on green initiatives.
  • Passionate about educating what it truly means to create an efficient structure.
  • Believes creating a better building envelope is as important as our desire to create alternative sources of
    energy. Use less – need less.